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Sweet Bread's Lack of Rise

Ray Crooks <rcrooks@icon.net>
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 17:01:09 -0500
I bought a box American Classic bread mixes, 2 cinnamon, 1 banana, and 1
cranberry orange. The box says "For .....any bread machine with quick bread
cycle". I have a Black and Decker with a quick cycle (one hour 58 minutes).
I have used one of the cinnamon and the cranberry orange. In each case the
mix rose only about 3 inches in the pan. When cut (it tastes good) it looks
and it is very dense inside a very narrow band around the loaf which
appears more normal.

No yeast was included or mentioned, but the list of ingredients in the
mixes includes leavening(sodium acid pyrophjosphate, sodium bicarbonate,
monocalcium phosphate). What might be the problem?

Ray Crooks