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Bread Making Classes East Coast

Priscilla Martel <hearth@javanet.com>
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 17:15:40 -0500
We have been reading the Daily Bread and Bread Bakers lists for some 
time with great interest. 

The other day, a Bonnie Lee Brown (brown@castalnet.com) inquired about 
bread classes on the East Coast in a posting to the Daily Bread Mailing list.

Charles van Over, author of The Best Bread Ever: Making Great Bread At 
Home Using Your Food Processor, Broadway Books 1997, and I will be 
teaching a class at Boston University on Thursday October 29, 1998 at 
the Metropolitan College.   You can read about Charlie and his book at 
amazon.com's listing for the book.  It has a recommendation from 
amazon's on-line cookbook editor, the publisher, a note from Charlie 
and 6 on-line reader reviews, all 5 star.  Charlie and I have been 
making bread together for 25 years both the traditional way and the 
food processor way, at home and in professional kitchens. It was a 
real honor to see the book win two cookbook awards this past Spring.

In a nutshell, Charlie is a hands-on baker, very devoted to mixing artisan
style breads in the food processor.  He has years of experience using stand
mixers both commercial and at home and a strong attachment to breads with
pre-ferments and sours.  His area of interest tends to be European breads
from baguette to rye.  (In fact, he's experimenting with rye breads with
high percentage of rye flour, more like what is made in Germany and Europe
than what we find in the US.)

Neither of us has ever used a bread machine but feel we'd better try so as
not to be left out!

Here is the copy from the BU announcement and all pertinent information.
(They have other baking classes to offer as well.)  And, Charlie and I will
be doing a bread series in January in Providence, RI.


Priscilla Martel

Boston University copy reads:
Watch as Charles van Over and chef Priscilla Martel demonstrate a 
brilliant forty-five second food processor technique for turning out 
everything from the classic crusty baguette to pizza and sweet yeast 
breads and more.  You'll always have time to make wonderful breads at 
home.  Participants receive a copy of Charles van Over's James Beard 
and Julia Child IACP award-winning book along with a tasting of breads 
and savoury accompaniments."

Time 6-9PM, Thursday October 29, 1998
Tuition: $50 includes book 
For more information: 617-353-9852