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My mom's English Muffin recipe

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Sun, 06 Dec 1998 11:18:36 EST
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	My mother makes these once in a while, and I find them very
tasty, especially with a bit of butter and a dab of jam.  They freeze and
reheat well.

     New English Muffins  			Makes 20-30 muffins    
                                     recipe halves well

2 c. milk
4 tbs. sugar
2/3 tbs. salt
6 tbs. margarine
2 c. water
2 pkgs. yeast
10 to 11 cups of flour

1. Scald milk and add salt, sugar, margarine.  Cool to lukewarm.  
2.  Dissolve yeast in warm water.  Add to lukewarm milk mix.  
3.  Add flour to make dough that isn't too sticky.
4.  Cover and rise 1 hour.
5.  Roll out on sprinkled cornmeal to about 1/2 inch thick.  Cut out with
round cookie cutter.  Put on wax      paper sprinkled with cornmeal,
cover, let rise 30 min. or so, till doubled. 
6.  Lightly grease cast iron skillet, place on medium to medium high
heat.  Cook ten minutes per side.        Don't let burn.  Don't crowd
7.  Cool on rack.
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