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the final oomph

Mon, 07 Dec 1998 10:51:27 -0800
i've done alot of ABM baking, but just recently i've been delving into the
art of handmade breads.  i've been reading alot, and have tried making two
loaves now, (1 a week, that's as fast as i've been able to eat them!) but
neither one has puffed up in the oven as it is supposed to.  the loaves are
coming out rather flat and dense, but with great flavor and fine texture.
great for breakfast toast!!

i know i haven't been using traditional timing on my loaves, and that's
probably the problem, but i thought i'd get some feedback.  i prefer to
work only with whole grains (BTW - any book suggestions that focus
specifically on wholegrain breads-absolutely no AP flour?  so to make the
loaves, i've been letting the sponge rise overnight in the fridge, then
mixing in the rest of the flour and kneading the dough the next evening.
let rise once more in the fridge over night.  punch down and shape in the
am.  place in breadpan in fridge during the day (by dinnertime the dough
was fully risen, but i was afraid it was flabby, so i punched it down and
let it rise again in the pan at 80 F.  it rose until doubled in size, but
not as high as it was when i pulled it out of the fridge.  i then baked it,
and found that the loaf came out slightly smaller than the size it had
risen to.  no final bloom at all.  i'm thinking the dough was just tired
after all that rising.  obviously i'm trying to fit the breadmaking into a
busy day, but i would guess that the first and second risings should occur
at 75 F and in rapid succession.

any ideas??