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Stuffed Bread

Mon, 5 Jan 2004 20:38:12 -0600
Hi Guys,

I hosted an office party here in our home right before Christmas.  One of 
my coworkers brought bread...his wife's "specialty"....of which she "WON'T 
share the recipe", naturally.......

The bread  consisted of two absolutely gorgeous loaves of braided, white 
bread.  It could have been purchased, frozen bread dough; I'm not 
sure.  But inside them, each loaf was stuffed with a generous mixture of 
cooked sausage (ground, pan sausage, a.k.a. Jimmy Dean's, etc.), spinach, 
chopped carrots, and white cheese (Swiss or Monterrey Jack?)  Could have 
had some Mushroom Soup, too; I'm not sure, but the filling was thick in 
consistency, not runny.

Needless to say...it was wonderful!  Could have been a meal in 
itself!  Since she won't share the recipe, I've been looking on the 
Internet for "stuffed bread"...with little results.

Do any of you guys have a similar recipe?  If you'll share it, "I'll be 
your best friend!"

Jeanette in South Texas