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Limp crust in highly hydrated (85%+) bread

"Philip Seitz" <pseitz@cliveden.org>
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 09:48:45 -0500
This is my first posting to this forum.  I've been working on recipes for 
several breads with 85%+ water (expressed in baker's percentage), and they 
all present a brown, crisp crust on removal from the oven. However, as the 
bread cools the crust becomes soft and limp.  I assume this is the result 
moisture migrating outward from the crumb, but standard tricks--such as 
leaving the bread in the oven with the door open--haven't helped.

Here is some background information, should it prove relevant.  A typical 
bread would be made from King Arthur Sir Galahad flour (11% protein), and 
baked with steam at 500 F for five minutes, followed by 20-some minutes at 
450 degrees.  Following this the bread would go for another ten minutes at 
a much lower heat, or simply with the oven door open while it cools.

I love the texture and openness of crumb in these breads, and would love to 
match it with a crisp crust.  Any suggestions would be happily received!

Phillip R. Seitz