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Re: KitchenAid vs bread machine kneading

"Leigh Davisson" <leigh@leighd.net>
Sun, 8 Feb 2004 08:45:59 -0800
I use the two virtually interchangeably except that the KitchenAid mixer 
can handle a larger batch size than a bread machine can.  I tend to use my 
bread machine to knead more often because both appliances are in cupboards 
and the bread machine is a lot easier to lift onto the counter.

The every day staple breads in my house are Reinhart's White Sandwich Bread 
(ordinary name for an extraordinary loaf) and Struan breads.  I do a single 
loaf of the White Sandwich Bread in the bread machine, and I always do my 
biga (pre-ferments) in the bread machine.  I generally make a double batch 
of the struan, and the KitchenAid can handle mixing the double batch.  I 
can tell from the sounds it makes that I'm pushing it a bit, and I keep it 
at a low speed.  I once tried a double batch of the White Sandwich Bread in 
my KitchenAid, and it's the only time it's ever had to go into the shop for 
repair...  Won't be doing that again any time soon.

I also don't mess with the dough paddle but go right to the dough hook.