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Re: Michael's bagel thoughts

Sun, 21 Mar 2004 07:49:28 EST
Michael Zusman wrote:

>Boiling should not exceed 10 seconds per side.  Count 10, then flip, count 
>another 10 and remove from your kettle.  All we are trying to do is 
>gelatinize the proteins on the surface of the dough to aid crust 
>formation.  We are not "cooking" the bagel in the water.  Again, we want 
>dense, not puffy.

iagree with almost everything you said except for the boiling. i find that 
boiling longer and 'cooking' the bagel before baking results in more 
density. also, in a home oven, starting at 500F and bring the temperature 
down to 450F right away makes a wonderful dark crust without burning. i 
also like smaller bagels though my husband was very disappointed when i 
made the 3 oz. ones the other week. with the 5 ounce ones in my book i can 
only eat half at a sitting--or i should say i can only ALLOW myself to eat 

will certainly visit your bakery if i am lucky enough to get back to portland!

rose (levy beranbaum)