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RE: home milling and flour aging

"Brown, Diane" <Brown_D@kids.wustl.edu>
Sat, 10 Apr 2004 00:22:15 -0500
Raj asked:

Any other home millers out there?

Yes!  And glad to know another miller on the list.

Anyone know about tempering and sieving?

My Kitchenetics Mill explodes the grains into such fine particles, but for 
a few larger bits of bran, that I haven't had to worry about sieving.

Anyone experimented with flour aging?

I read someplace a long time ago that freshly milled flour was good for 
bread for the first few days, but if it wasn't used in a few days (can't 
remember the exact time, or the reference for this, maybe have the details 
wrong), it should be held for aging for about two weeks.  I almost always 
mill just before baking, so haven't really studied aging it.  That takes 
too much space and advanced planning.

BTW, I have a web page now with recipes, most adapted for fresh-milled 
flours, but with translations for white flour 
too.  <http://www.well.com/user/debunix/>.  Feedback welcome!

--diane brown in st. louis