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bread stones and wood-fired ovens

5 Aug 2004 06:14:27 -0000
I plan to make a wood-fired oven (using Kiko Denzer's instructions).  Had 
anybody else on this list done that?  I'm really excited about it.

I read that somebody is using scrap granite for a bread-stone.  I live in 
Japan, so I have to do a lot of making-do-with-what-I-can-get.  They don't 
sell bread-stones here, but granite grave-stones (haka) are big 
business.  I know I can get a scrap slab for cheap or free from one of the 
several cutters in my town.

So the question is, can granite stand the 700 degree temps that these ovens 

- Forrest
Iwate, Japan