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"max prola" <maxprola@onetel.com>
Thu, 23 Sep 2004 11:32:48 +0100
When I was in Paris, I bought a copy of Lionel Poilane's book, "Faire son 
Pain."  I don't read French and so I wonder if someone on the list might be 
interested in translating a few of the pages for me. I would, in turn, give 
that person a photocopy of the entire book.

The book is in paperback and contains 64 pages, most of which consist of 
photographs.  I would need to have 14 of these pages translated and would 
send a photocopy of the entire 64 pages to anyone who happens to be interested.

The book contains 22 recipes, from an ordinary "boule" to "Le pain artichaut."

Many thanks,
Cheshire, England