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Larry: No Oven Pizza

Sat, 9 Oct 2004 11:42:18 EDT
Larry T  _the.casual.baker@att.net_ asked about making pizza without an oven.

If you have a grill available make grilled pizza. They are great and have 
wonderful flavor.  Peter Reinhart's The American Pie has the 
details.  Basically dough is cooked on one side then turned, topped, and 
finished.  The grill must be one with a lid that can be closed during  cooking.

If you want  to try stove top cooking use the same method as with grilled 
pizza. Cook one side first then turn, top, and finish. A Wok lid, 
essentially a metal dome with a handle it, should accommodate the pizza on 
the griddle. They are relatively inexpensive and you should be able to get 
one that will fit your griddle and effectively reflect the heat back to the 
top of the pizza. Some have small vents that allow steam to escape.

John Z.  _popthebaker@aol.com_