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delicate issue

"mike fuller" <mikadri@infomed.sld.cu>
Sun, 31 Oct 2004 08:13:07 -0500
I make 'whole wheat bread' that really isn't, rather an approximation 
consituted by adding pure wheat bran to white flour, oats, rice, leafy 
greens, yeast, sugar and salt.  Its pretty good and nutritious, between the 
cruciferous and carotenoid veggies combined with fiber from the bran.

HOWEVER it gives me and my clients incredible gas ! ! !

I suspect it is the bran -- does anyone know if wheat bran can cause 
flatulence?  I have reduced it greatly but really can't anymore.  I have no 
access to real whole wheat flour, that's why i do this.  I may try toasting 
it first -- would that neutralize the gas effect?  boiling?  some 
additive?  any suggestions?

love from mike in gaseous havana