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Re: Harry's fluffy ww bread and freezing dough

Joe Tilman <mrtilman@yahoo.com>
Sun, 31 Oct 2004 09:52:29 -0800 (PST)
Re: freezing dough

Keeping the dough tightly wrapped both going into and coming out of the 
freezer will prevent condensation.  I usually thaw overnight in the fridge, 

Re: fluffy whole wheat breead

I'm not Harry, I am the person he responded to. I have now run four loaves 
using the King Arthur "Classic 100% Whole Wheat" recipe.  So far I have had 
two over-wet sunken loaves and two perfect loaves.  The recipe does result 
in much fluffier loaves than I have made in the past, although not quite so 
fluffy as white.  By my calculation, it is very nearly 100% hydration 
(something I think you mentioned in the last digest).  Admittedly, I've 
always stuck to 60%, then added a few tablespoons water till I get a nice 
doughball, but never thought to keep adding.  To see the recipe, go to 
www.kingarthurflour.com, click on favorite recipes, and search for the word 
"classic" (no need to change any search options).