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Cheap proofing box

Sun, 19 Dec 2004 11:21:27 EST
Cheap proofing box:

Empty your dishwasher, run it through the rinse cycle, open the door for 
aminute to let out most of the really hot   steam and put your bread in to 
rise on the upper rack - or lower if it fits better. .   I use this only as 
the final rise since it works too fast to develop good flavor and texture 
that come with long slow early rises.   Or place a 4 cup pryrex measure in 
the microwave and bring it to a rolling boil.   Let it sit for a minute, 
then carefully remove it and add you bread.

Happy holidays to all
Lora Brody
author of Chocolate American Style (among others...), pubished this year by 
Clarkson, Potter