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Manual for Kenmore Choice Bread Machine

Wed, 11 Jan 2006 17:41:07 EST
I just purchased a "Kenmore Choice Bread Machine with Multi-Logic" on 
eBay. It looked like my favorite DAK Turbo II and I was mainly 
interested in the bread pan and paddle which are both in good shape. 
However, this machine seems to be in great shape as well--but it 
didn't have the owner's manual. (It came with a recipe book called 
"Easy Baking.")

Does anyone have an owner's manual that they'd be willing to copy for 
me? I'll be happy to pay for your expenses. I've checked Sears online 
and looked on eBay--I don't see any manuals for this model. The 
recipe book is copyrighted 1992.

Andy in NJ