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four vs. corn tortillas

Roxanne Rieske <rokzane@comcast.net>
Sun, 06 Aug 2006 10:25:09 -0600
S&R Ash wrote:

 > I won't make corn tortillas - too much work

Eh? How are corn tortillas more work than flour tortillas? You just 
mix masa harina with water, let it sit for five minutes, press out 
1.5 oz dough balls in the tortilla press, and grill.

Compared to flour tortillas, which you have knead, let rest, and then 
roll out by hand, corn tortillas take no time at all.

Personally, I like fresh baked corn tortillas better than flour tortillas :).

In Denver, if I have a hankering for flour tortillas, I go buy them 
from the tortilla lady at the Farmer's Market. I have no idea what 
her name is, and she only speaks Spanish, but she sure makes the best 
flour tortillas.