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Re: Bread Loaf Size - Pan

"Schmitt, Barbara E." <BSchmitt@goulstonstorrs.com>
Mon, 4 Aug 2008 09:12:10 -0400

I have a number of bread recipes that call for 8 cups of flour for 
two loaves, and that works very well in 2  9 x 5 pans.  Can't give 
you total weight, but if you figure 4.5 oz per cup for the flour, 
that's 36 oz., plus about 2 1/2  cups of liquid for 20 oz, that would 
be 56 oz. Add in a random 4 oz. for other ingredients (and easy 
math!) and that would be 30 oz. per loaf.

Most of these recipes also work very well if divided in half and made 
in my Zo breadmaker.

Good luck!