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Easy No-Knead Skillet Bread

Reggie Dwork <reggie@jeff-and-reggie.com>
Sat, 07 Jan 2023 20:42:14 -0800
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                        Bread, Easy No-Knead Skillet

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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
   2 1/4            tsp  active dry yeast
   2               cups  lukewarm water -- (16 oz, 473 ml)
      1/2          TBSP  Morton kosher salt -- or 1 TBSP Diamond Kosher
   4 1/3           cups  all-purpose flour -- (18.4 oz, 515 g)
                         olive oil

This is the easiest no-knead skillet bread. Just mix all of the 
ingredients together, let the dough rise, put it in a pan and bake! 
You won't get your hands or counters messy!

prep: 1:45
cook: 35 min
total: 2:20
yield: 1- 10" OR 12" loaf

Combine yeast and warm water in a large bowl or pitcher.

Using a wooden spoon add in 1 cup of the flour and then the salt and 
mix until combined. Stir in the rest of the flour, one cup at a time, 
until completely incorporated.

Cover with plastic wrap or a lid that is not shut completely. Allow 
to rise for 1 hour.

Do not punch down the dough. Lightly oil the bottom of a cast iron 
skillet (a 10" or 12" skillet works well).

Sprinkle a good amount of flour on top of the dough and then cover 
hands with flour. Take all of the dough and shape into a disk. (it 
will be sticky)

Place in the skillet, cover loosely with a towel, and allow to rise 
for another 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 400F.

Drizzle a little more oil over the top of the bread, and slash the 
dough with a knife creating an X. Sprinkle with coarse salt and 
rosemary leaves.

Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until the top is a deep brown color.

Review: Thanks for this simple recipe.  I recently purchased a cast 
iron combo skillet and can't stop using it.  I used this recipe last 
week and it was perfect.  Making it again tonight but incorporating 
fresh rosemary in the dough, as well as on top.  I'm new to bread 
making and this recipe is a great introduction - fun and easy!  Thank you!

Review: I just baked this recipe using a brown chapati flour that is 
the best brown flour I can get my hands on in Malawi; often times if 
I substitute it cup for cup in a recipe (which I usually do the first 
time baking a new recipe), the bread or baked good ends up heavy and 
stodgy. But this bread turned out beautifully! I imagine it would 
have risen a bit more and been a bit fluffier with all purpose or 
regular bread flour, but I have to say I'm super excited to have 
found this recipe. It's so simple that I should be able to make it 
regularly! Thank you. Planning to try what some other commenter have 
suggested, with incorporated garlic and more rosemary. Very happy!

Review: I live at 10,400 feet of elevation so baking is always a 
challenge, but this bread turned out beautifully! The only adjustment 
I made was to bake at 25 degree hotter temperature for less time.

Review: OMG, Perfection. I usually tweak recipes, but made this one 
Exactly as written except I added garlic n rosemary to inside . So 
delicious. Thank you for this awesome easy recipe, will be making 
many more times.

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Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 1998 Calories; 6g Fat (2.6% 
calories from fat); 59g Protein; 417g Carbohydrate; 17g Dietary 
Fiber; 0mg Cholesterol; 2850mg Sodium.  Exchanges: 27 1/2 
Grain(Starch); 1/2 Lean Meat.

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