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Julia's French bread/Cuisinart

Sun, 22 Dec 1996 10:39:16 -0500
Dear Joan,  the "method" is pretty well described in the French Bread recipe.
 I read Julia's "Way to Cook" book and she uses her Cuisinart for most of her
bread recipes.

  Also, a professional baker named is George Greenstein has written a
wonderful book called "Secrets of a Jewish Baker, Authentic Jewish Rye and
Other Breads".  In this book each recipe is described using  three ways of
mixing,  by hand, by food processor and by dough-mixing machine w/flat
beater.  His mixing method is different than Julia's, but it works fine.
 This book has loads of info for bread bakers.  It can be purchased from King
Arthur too.  Maybe your library has it.

If you need more info please feel free.  Lois in WA.