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pizza crust

bzwax@tiac.net (rich)
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 17:47:09 -0400
hello: I have tried several pizza crust recipes and have always been
dissatisfied....until this one.  It it to my taste (might not be to yours).
A slight adaptation from Sandra L. Woodruff's SMART BREAD MACHINE RECIPES.
Makes enough dough for 2-14" pizzas with a thin-ish crust.

I find that instead of cornmeal under the pizza, I like to lightly spray
the pan with olive oil spray.  I know this isn't traditional, but it gives
a crispier crust that stick less than when I use cornmeal.

This is a double recipe and it fits fine in my Zo.  I freeze half the
dough....see below about how I prep it for freezing and make a package that
is easy to store and very fast to use.  Since I roll it out before
freezing, I don't have to mess up my counter a second time before I bake

1.5 cups water
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
2 Tbs gluten
2 cups whole wheat bread flour
2 cups white bread flour
2.5 tsp yeast
(optional: 1 Tbs poppy or sesame seeds; 1 tsp dill or celery seeds; or some
of all these types of seeds)

Combine in order your bread machine likes and process on dough setting.
When done, divide dough in half.  Roll and use one half.

For the half to be frozen: roll out to the size you would like to use.
Cover with a sheet (or two in not wide enough) of plastic wrap.  Starting
at one end, loosely roll up the dough with the wrap on top (this allows
there to be wrap between each layer of dough). When done, wrap in a plastic
bag or antoher layer of wrap. Freeze flat.

To use: remove from freezer and when the dough is just about defrosted,
unfurl it out on a lightly oiled pan, keep it covered with the plastic wrap
that was frozen with it and allow to defrost and rise slightly before
adding toppings.

best-debbie bier
concord, ma