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Re: How to store yeast

Robin Carroll-Mann <harper@tribeca.ios.com>
Sat, 22 Jun 1996 11:54:40 -0700
Lynn Schneiderman <lynns@creighton.edu> asked:

>Hi all,

>I'm hoping some of you can help me. How can one store yeast so that it
>doesn't go "bad"? I purchased a jar and stored it in the 'fridge' in the
>door. Whenever I used it, I made sure that I put the lid back on tightly.
>However, I got down to 1/3 of a jar and the yeast has gone bad.

I called the Red Star 800 number to ask that very question. The nice lady 
suggested putting half of the yeast in a plastic container and keeping it 
in the freezer until I had used up the other half, which should be stored 
in the fridge.  If I had actually taken her advice, I probably wouldn't 
have to throw out the 1/2 cup of yeast that's left from the two-pound 
package I bought last year.  Live and learn!

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