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White Bread Receipe

Lawrence Klevans (SFIL-CMI 5-1436) <lklevan@CDRA.APGEA.ARMY.MIL>
Tue, 23 Jul 96 11:09:35 EDT
A very light and airy white bread is "rice bread"  The recipe is from 
Vol II  of The Bread Machine Cookbook.  It is an excellant way to use 
left-over rice.  The bread rises very nicely, and is not as dense as 
Pepperidge Farm white.

Size			Medium

cooked rice		2/3 cup
water			2/3 cup
margarine/bitter	1 Tbs
salt			1/3 tsp
sugar			1/3 tsp
bread flower		2 cups
yeast			1-1/2 tsp.

Larry Klevans    klev4290@dpnet.net