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Why use a Zoji?

Irwin@prodigy.com (MR IRWIN H FRANZEL)
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 20:02:14, -0500
Every once in a while a note appears on the BBD or other bread bakers'
forums that asks, "How does a Rehab Program use bread machines?" I usually
try to explain how we use Zojis in our bread baking programs to help people
feel better about themselves. Many of our clients are not able to make
bread by hand. No amount of explanation on my part could explain the
situation as well as this poignant note just received from one of our
clients, who got her Zoji from us. It was written on an order for a one
pound package of CT-1 Dough Conditioner.

"What a great product! My son Harry sent me my 1st one!" <pkg of CT-1>
"I am 72, have Emphysema & Arrhythmia & am housebound. I'm on Oxygen all
the time. I bake every day, have had a ball with the machine, my Son sent me!!"
"All my friends love my bread, the more they eat, the more I get to  use my
"How lucky I am!"

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