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Mitch Smith <smithm@mvp.net>
Sat, 28 Feb 1998 10:16:13 -0600
>"movonne" <movonne@harborside.com> wrote:

>I have an elderly neighbor who can no longer use standard flours and who
>loves baking bread by hand.  The only flours she can now use are RICE, CORN
>and POTATO. Does anyone have any receipes they can share using only these
>flours. Thanks.

There have been a number of requests concerning non-wheat recipes. You did not
indicate whether this person was celiac and needs to avoid the proteins in wheat
flour, or whether there is some other issue afoot. Celiacs have a digestive 
intolerance or allergic reactionto the wheat proteins which form gluten. I have 
talked with others, however, who use vital gluten, but say they need to avoid 
wheat starch

I checked a number of web sites. An excellent, but understandable, 
overview of the problem can be found at:     
www.vegsoc.org/info/gluten.html. This is the U.K. Vegetarian Society

A list of vendors of gluten-free products can be found at the St. Johns University
web site:    rdz.stjohns.edu/athenaeum/medic/celiac/vendors.html

My wife, an R.D., was given a sample of gluten-free products for review some
years back, and they seemed quite good. The company was Ener-G Foods and
their web site is:     www.ener-g.com

An Alta-Vista web search using the term "gluten free" truned up 3000 hits.
Many of the sites, like:    www.liv-n-well.com    and:    www.akins.com
are commercial sites selling gluten or wheat free products. Others, like:
pio.okstate.edu/pio/news/db041896b.html were titled "OSU Professor
develops gluten free cake."  Still other web sites sold books, or had references
to medical or recipe information.

- Mitch