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Swedish Limpa for ABM

Fred Smith <fredex@fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 18:20:41 -0500
Some months back I posted a recipe for a superb bread, taken from
Bernard Clayton Jr.'s book "The Complete Book of Breads". It was
one of his Limpa recipes.

One of my friends who loves that bread as much as my family does (and
that's a LOT) but who doesn't do bread by hand, has taken the recipe and
converted it for her 1.5lb ABM, so the rest of you who don't do it by
hand can enjoy it too:

	1 1/4 C   water
	2 T       margarine, cut in small pieces
	1 1/4 t   salt
	2 T       sugar
	2 T       molasses
	1 1/4 C   rye flour
	1/2 t     fennel seed, crushed
	1/2 t     cumin seed, crushed (scant)
	grated rind of one orange
	2 C       bread machine flour
	3 T       powdered milk
	1/2 C     raisins
	2 t       bread machine yeast

	Add all ingredients to baking pan in order given.
	Set bread machine on raisin bread, powdered milk setting, or
	    on basic setting.
	Makes 1.5lb loaf.
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