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Pre-packaging the dry ingredients

Raphael Ryan <raphaelr@ix.netcom.com>
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 07:57:41 -0600
When pre-packaging the dry ingredients for future bread making, some of
the letters stated they pre-package all but the yeast.

I tried to think why they didn't include the yeast too. I've decided
this could be a good idea if you start your breadmaker immediately. I
nearly always put the ingredients in my breadmaker at night, and use its
timer, so I'll have fresh baked bread the next morning. So I include the
yeast in the pre-packaged dry ingredients. But I also store my packages
in the frig. so this would make a difference too.

I love all the ideas and fresh view points to be read in Bread-bakers! A
great group!

Raphael Ryan