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Machine thrown to the floor and dented!

"Josée Olivier" <jolivier@autoroute.net>
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 19:16:31 +0000
I recently attempted to make an ABM recipe for French bread in my 
Toastmaster 1186 machine.  Upon checking the consistency of the dough 
and hearing the machine make straining sounds, I added 1T full of 
water (or maybe a bit more, I forget now), as is my habit in this 
type of situation.  I also can't remeber whether this was the first 
or second knead, although I think it was the seond..  Adding the 
water  seemed to help so I went off to do other things.  Next thing I 
know, I'm lying on the bed breastfeeding the baby and I hear the 
machine straining again, and getting progressively louder.  Since I 
was unwilling to disturb the baby, and believing I had added enough 
water and that the kneading cycle would stop any minute anyway, I let 
it continue.  All of a sudden, I heard a tremendous noise, which was 
the sound of the machine (and the bowl it took with it) crashing to 
the floor.  

One side of the machine was dented, which means that the cover on one 
side no longer aligns properly.  Although I can shut the cover 
completely, I suspect that some heat will still escape from the 
misaligned side.  The loaf I attepted to complete by restarting the 
machine was not a success (didn't rise properly).  I'm scared to make 
another loaf to test it out, although at least the kneading doesn't 
seem impaired.  

I know the warranty will not cover this type of damage and am 
unwilling to ship it all the way back to the manufacturer, not 
knowing whether they even repair this type of damage (the plastic 
moulding around the top is also all broken).  Does anyone have any 
suggestions?  Thanks in advance!
Josee Olivier