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Veggie Bread by Hand for Kathleen

"Jo in Minnesota" <josiem@tekstar.com>
Fri, 3 Apr 1998 09:46:57 -0600
Kathleen Schuller wrote me asking about making the Veggie
Bread ABM recipe by hand.
I lost her address and so I am responding this way in case
any of you others had the same question.

You can certainly use the ABM recipe I sent.  Just prepare
the liquid as noted on the recipe, warming very gently,
dissolve yeast in small amount of warm water, put first
liquid in large bowl, add a cup of flour, add yeast, stir
it up and then begin to add the rest of the flour
until you have used 3 or more cups.  You will wind up
kneading in the last cup or so and when the dough feels
right, sort of satiny and elastic, you know you have added
all the flour it needs (kneads?).

The original recipe requires grated carrots but this is a
much easier version without the
hassle of grating.  You can also add shredded or cubed
cheddar cheese to the dough if you are the reckless type!

Jo in Minnesota