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Re Italian Bread

Vernon Webster <vernon@the-spa.demon.co.uk>
Sun, 21 Jun 1998 20:18:31 +0100
I have found that a slightly different (and possibly authentic??) texture
is achieved in Italian recipes, such as the "Olive Rosemary Flatbread"
posted by Reggie Dwork, if I use Pasta flour instead of stong bread flour.
The pasta flour seems to give a  crumblier and more 'fragile' result and
seems very good with high oil breads.

This is rather behind as I have found that I have been trying to post to
the wrong address. Am enjoying this list so thanks to all. My book
recommendation is "The Bread Book" by Linda Collister & Anthony Blake
published by Conran Octopus Ltd. Glorious recipes and beautiful pictures to
drool over; the whole thing appears like a labour of love.  I think this
book really conveys the enjoyment and satisfaction to be gained from this
staple food and I would wholeheartedly recommend it, even though it is
quite expensive.

take care,

Vernon Webster,
North Yorkshire