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Sourdough, the RLB book, and medium rye flour

Jessica Weissman <jweissmn@his.com>
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 05:31:35 -0500
I had several home-generated starters bomb out, die out, or just be 
wimpy.  Finally I bought the King Arthur starter, and have had no trouble 
since.  Over time its characteristics have drifted a bit, but it is still 
strong and reliable.  Well worth the low cost and the minor dent in my 
baker's pride.

As for the Rose Levy Beranbaum book, nearly all of the errata listed are 
easy for an experienced baker to spot.  Where I've had trouble is that some 
of the flour weights seem off.  11 or 12 ounces for two cups of flour is 
pretty high.  Not sure whether that was a misprint or an author error, but 
when I went back to measuring the flour instead of weighing I got good 
results again.

I've had some great successes with her recipes, and a few duds.  I've even 
been able to double the single-loaf yields successfully - one loaf is not 
enough product from all that time and gas, at least not for me.

Now for a question:  has anybody in the Washington DC area been able to 
find Pillsbury Medium Rye flour or any other brand of rye that is not 
wholegrain with lots of bran?  A couple of chains carried it as recently as 
November, but I have not seen it since.  Alternatively, does anyone have a 
mail order source for rye flour in bulk?  I know KA carries a rye blend, 
but I don't want to pay shipping for it.

Many thanks,

Jessica Weissman