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Query and a further suggestion on whole wheat flour

Alan Woods <woods.1@osu.edu>
Tue, 30 Mar 2004 10:27:46 -0500
First a query:  while in South Africa earlier this month, I was given a 
loaf of gluten free rye bread, baked for, and distributed, by Woolworth's a 
general store whose connection to the late American dimestore chain is 
unclear to me).  It was fabulous--dark, filled with pecans, rich, and 
fulfilling.  I'm experimenting trying to come up with a reasonable 
facsimile, but thus far the results--while delicious and satisfying--bear 
little resemblance to the South African loaf.  Any suggestions?

And to add to Carolyn's note on subbing whole wheat flour (and to repeat an 
oft-repeated hint):  a teaspoon and a half of gluten added per cup of whole 
wheat flour helps with the rising quite well.

Alan Woods
Columbus, Ohio

(and thanks to Maggie for the interesting sourdough hints from the recent 
Bread Bakers Guild Seminar; always good to have more information!)