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RE: Slashing bread loaves

Roxanne Rieske <rokzane@comcast.net>
Sat, 22 May 2004 07:52:40 -0600
For a while now I've been using a really fantastic tool for slashing bread. 
I have never seen these knives available for retail sale. Panera bread, who 
I work for, buys these through Dawn Foods. It's a small serrated blade that 
looks similar to a swiss army pocket knife. These knives slash just about 
any bread dough and each blade lasts about 3 months. We buy them in boxes 
of 10 and each blade costs about 14 dollars, which makes a box of them 
about 140-150 dollars. If there's a Panera Bread around you, you might be 
able to convince them to sell you one.

Another tool I've used is a razor blade tip inserted into an exacto knife. 
This works well but is a bit risky; it's easy to cut yourself using this