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Re: convection oven bread baking

Sat, 29 May 2004 19:18:33 -0000
I have been lurking on this list for several years but decided to speak up 
because I wanted to reply to "J" about using a convection oven for bread 

First congratulations on your gift. I too have a combination 
microwave/convection oven and I love it.

I regularly bake basic white/whole wheat bread from a Baker's Sheet recipe 
in it. I set it for 375F for about 25 - 30 minutes. I don't cut that much 
time off the recipe and think the 18 - 20 minutes you are baking is just 
too short. I don't think you should increase the temperature, too hot.

I love it because it bakes so evenly not because it shortens the baking 
time that much. Not sure if this helps but in my limited experience, raw 
means too short a baking time.

Shelley Lauer-Bader, mlauerba@aol.com (home email)
baking since 1972 when I began to bake to ease the stress of graduate school.