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Danish rye bread, "Rye Krisp" and a work opportunity

"Peter Robinson" <ranchoverde@commspeed.net>
Sat, 11 Sep 2004 08:23:07 -0700
Hi all,

I have been seeking how to make the heavy rye bread that I had in Denmark 
when I spent the summer there in 1952. I have been unsuccessful in my 
search for information from other people so I have been experimenting on my 
own. Does anyone have information on this?

I want to make Rye Krisp or Rye Tack as I have heard it called. Does anyone 
have information on how the "bread" is handled before baking and how it is 

I raise organic rye grain on my farm and if I can market the rye as bread, 
I will be able to have enough income to make the farm an economic success. 
If anyone is interested in working on projects to process raw agricultural 
products in saleable food I can provide housing and a place to do the work. 
My farm is in the Verde Valley about 90 miles North of Phoenix, Arizona. It 
is the last farm 9 miles out of town and has National Forest on three 
sidess. 3/4 mile of the Verde River runs though the farm.

My work involves the search for ways to make the small (115 acres) farm 
successful and includes energy efficient housing, new oven design among 
many other things!

I am 68 years old and still hanging in there, but I could use some youthful 
strength and enthusiasm. I offer my knowledge and the place to work. eMail 
me off list if you are interested!

Peter Robinson