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re: Bosch

"Sandy" <sandykrause@comcast.net>
Mon, 6 Dec 2004 13:58:02 -0500

I have a Bosch Universal mixer.  I love it for bread dough and multi 
batches of cookies.

I have only tried it one time with a single cookie recipe.  It comes with 
whips and a dough hook "thing".  It isn't really a hook like a Kitchen Aid 
would have.  It was hard to get the dough to mix with the dough "hook", it 
just kind of scooted it around the bowl.  I should have tried the whips, it 
would have probably worked great.  I have a Kitchen Aid and made small 
batches of cookie dough in that until I saw a Bosch Compact on clearance 
for $50.  I mix cakes and small batches of cookie dough in that now.

I wouldn't trade my Universal for anything, it is awesome for large batches 
and for any size batch of bread dough.  It mixes perfectly with no 
straining.  It is also easy to clean.