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Re: Ulmerbrot

"Ulrike Westphal" <ostwestwind@yahoo.de>
Sun, 8 Jan 2006 15:22:38 +0100
This is a kind of bread I won't bake,  so try these (German) links:




Ulrike 100 km north of Ulm ;-)

  Editor's note: Google's translation of the first recipe.  Not bad 
for a machine :-)

Results in 2 to 3 box forms:

1 kg flour
1 cube yeast
1/2 l lukewarm milk
60 g butter
180 g sugars
2 eggs
1 tl anise
1 Pck. Zitronat
1 Pck. Orangeat
1 tl salt


 From prepare, well through-kneaded and covered added a yeast dough 
on double quantity to go leave. through-kneads again efficiently and 
approx. 1 cm gives the paste on a board thickly to unroll. Outdo, to 
an easily oval form to unroll and to the half fold Kuechlein up with 
a round form. Set closely next to each other, the open side upward, 
into a gebutterte box form. Again to go leave. Before the baking 
procedure make a deep profile into the paste, coat with eigelb and 
with 180C about 40 minutes bake.

The cake with butter or jam, cooled off, serve.