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Paris sera toujours Paris

"Diane Purkiss" <dianepurkiss@btinternet.com>
Sun, 19 Nov 2006 10:53:48 -0000
Hope I'm not too late with this.

Angelina's is hell-and-gone from Chatelet, and though splendid (its 
hot chocolate is the realllll treat, but gods, only after lunch) it 
isn't my favourite Parisian tearoom, an honour belonging to the 
incomparable Mariages frères in rue Bourg-Tibourg in the Marais, and 
to Ladurée in Place Madeleine.

Neither is that great for breakfast, though.  For that I suggest Café 
Flore en Ile, on the Notre Dame end of the Ile St Louis.  It is un 
peu touristique, but the cafés are good, the croissants fine, and the 
view incomparable.

If you want the BEST croissants, though, buy from someone great like 
au Levain du Marais and carry it to a café, any café, and order a 
café au lait, ands tuck in.  Most caffs will shrug. Some will ask you to order.

Personally I tend to go out to a boulanger, take result back to hotel 
room, eat it, do a musée, and have café at 11.

My other fave brunchy place is Le Stubli, but it's a metro trip from 
you, in the 17th.  Still, it's next door to a gggggrrrreat fromagerie.

NB _ I was in Paris last week, hence my silence on the 
subject.  Philippe Martin and Le Boulanger du Monge continue to do it 
for me.  Le plus bon pain du monde!  But in case anyone is à Londres, 
may I recommend St John Bread and Wine in Spitalfields, IMHO the best 
bread in England?  Which is not saying much, but is now saying 
something.  It's not as good as Acme, but better than many a loaf I 
was served in SanFran.