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Re: Eric Kayser's book: 100% Pain

Edmund Sears <ehsears@ncia.net>
Sun, 19 Nov 2006 06:48:52 -0500
Steven Leof asked about Kayser's book. I purchased a copy in Paris in 
September. It is nicely done and quite interesting. His shops make 
bread that as good as it gets and it has Steven Kaplan's highest 
rating of 18.35 (Cherchez le pain: Le guide des meillures 
boulangeries de Paris) along with that of Dominique Saibron, both of 
which are located on la rue Monge Paris 5e (at opposite ends).

I am using his recipe for his signature Baguette Monge which produces 
an excellent loaf, but I had to significantly increase the hydration 
to make it work. It must be a typo in the book.

Ed Sears