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convection cooking

Haack Carolyn <haacknjack@sbcglobal.net>
Mon, 11 Dec 2006 04:59:55 -0800 (PST)
Gerald, I have enjoyed a Wolf in-wall double oven for several years 
now.  It offers convection, but I still have choice -- it offers a 
regular 'bake' mode as well.  So do be sure you know what you options 
are.  The biggest thing about the convection is that the heat is more 
even and is spread faster, so usually I set the temperature about 25 
degrees below what the recipe recommends.  The evenness of the heat 
distribution really minimizes the need to rearrange pans half-way 
through; occasionally I do rearranage to get more perfect browning, 
but often this isn't needed.  (Though after too many decades of 
baking, it's hard to restrain my hands!)  With the slightly lower 
setting, I usually don't need to change the baking time for bread.

If you're roasting meat or a bird, you might want to take advantage 
of the time compression and leave the temperature where it's 
specified; the protein will cook just a little faster.  In the 
beginning, just pay closer-than-usual attention to how the dish is 
progressing; it's possible to have food that's done on the outside 
but NOT done on the inside -- a special disappointment if it's your 
favorite loaf!  Hope your investment pays off in many wonderful 
loaves...keep us posted!