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Bread Machine Failure

"Meryl K. Evans" <meryl@onramp.net>
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 12:12:11 -0500
I've made bread over 8 times successfully in my Zoji machine.  Then, I 
moved to a new home and hadn't made bread for awhile.  During this time, 
I received my new Zoji pan (it lets you bake bread without holes).  I 
finally had a chance to try it out last weekend when I made English 
Muffin Bread.  I put the dough into the pan during second rising.  The 
results were terrible!  The bread looked yellow and dark rather than 
light and white.  It didn't taste anything like the bread I made 
successfully a few months ago.  What could have gone wrong?  My yeast is 
definitely not old (and kept in the fridge).

Native Texan