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Low Carb Bread

"Ronald L. Ploude" <banker@worldpass.net>
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 20:51:17 -0400
Does anyone have a recipe for a low or no carbohydrate bread?  My wife and
teenage daughter are on the Atkins Diet.  That diet restricts the amount of
carbohydrates you can eat to no more than 20 grams per day.  One slice of my
oatmeal raisin bread puts them way over the top of their daily alotment and
provides no room for other foods they need to eat.  As a result, I've
stopped baking and am missing out on the fun of bread making.  I miss baking
so much that this past weekend I made a two pound loaf of rye bread based on
a recipe in the King Arthurs Catalog and took it into the office.  It got
devoured within a few minutes.  Although I appreciate the praise my
co-workers gave me, it wasn't as fullfilling as the joy I feel from
providing for my loved ones.