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re: non-milk/non-soy substitute for non-fat milk

Cheryl Melnick <Cheryl@Sessionware.COM>
Sat, 22 Jun 1996 18:48:23 -0700
Hi Marvin-
As a novice breadmaker with limited experience, I will offer you what I
have tried in our home, using our bread machine.  My husband and I try
to limit our dairy intake, and due to this, I have tried to substitute
soy milk(s) for the regular milk called for in recipes.  Because I
haven't tried many substitutions/made many varieties of bread yet, I
cannot tell you a good substitution method that works consistently. 
However, I have found that one or more of the following works well:

*	Substitute soy milk for regular milk
	Recipe results vary with type of flour used, etc.  If using whole-wheat
flour, I found the loaf a bit on the dry side.  I would add an extra
tablespoon of soy milk at a time to a recipe until you discovered the
correct texture you desired.

*	Substitute regular soy milk + vanilla soy milk for regular milk
	My favorite method.   We really like the vanilla soy milk, and found it
adds a nice underlying flavor to some plain breads.  With herb or fruit
breads, some flavors contrast, so think carefully before using.  Because
we have a definate fondness for this flavor, I tend to add the ratio of
1/3 cup of soy milk to 2/3 cup vanilla soy milk when substituting.

*	Substitute soy milk + plum butter*
	*The plum butter is a substitute for the eggs in a recipe.
	There are a variety of flavors when using the above method.  While
easily added to the recipe, some loafs did not turn out correctly, even
when substituting one tablespoon-one and half tablespoons of plum butter
for one egg, which is the prescribed method on the plum butter jar.  I
found a variety of problems using this substitution, including, but not
limited to: dryness of outside edges of the loaf, wetness inside the
loaf when the baking cycle was completed, and a weird color of purple to
each loaf of bread, due to the substitution of plum butter.

Hope this helps
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>From: Marvin Moskowitz <marvinm@soldev.tti.com>
>Subject: non-milk/non-soy substitute for non-fat milk
>Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 17:45:51 -0700

>Many of my  breadmachine recipes for whole grain breads that I am
>in making call for instant non-fat milk. I am lactose intolerant and my
>toddler is allergic to milk and soy (she drinks RICE DREAM). My books
>the milk powder is needed for a fine crumb, but do not suggest