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Re: Panasonic ABM

sherae@zeta.org.au (Sheri McRae)
Sun, 23 Jun 1996 16:56:45 +1000
However, my problem
>is that I was only able to find one model (the Panasonic SD.. {something})
>which had a *very* small baking cubicle - about quarter loaf. This
>surprised me gr8tly. The sales-lady at Stutterfords said it came highly
>recommended; at R1400 (about $350) I think she's supposed to say that.
>Is the small cubicle going to be a problem for most of the breads on
>BREAD-BAKERS? Is the Panasonic bread machine really good?

My Panasonic sounds as though it might be the same size as the one you're
looking at.  When I bought mine in Australia it was also the only one I
could find.  But I've been ever so happy with it and found it to be a
wonderful machine.  There are only two of us at home, so the small size
loaf is ideal.  We don't have bread going stale.  The small size isn't a
problem for the breads on BREAD-BAKERS.  If the recipe calls for 3 cups
flour I reduce ingredients (where practical) by 1/3.  I would still use 1
whole egg and round the measurements up or down depending on taste or
common sense.  One of the best things about the Panasonics is the excellent

Cheers,  Sheri

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