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Grinding flour at home

Cherie Ambrosino <Cherie_Ambrosino@cch.com>
24 Jun 96 11:44:13
Hi everyone - Michael asked about grinding rice in his meat grinder for rice 
flour - I don't know if I'm thinking of the same machine but my manual meat 
grinder wouldn't grind very fine - I've just started experimenting with 
grinding for myself - I didn't want to invest in a meat grinder but a remark on 
this list and my mother's luck at a clearance sale brought me a large coffee 
bean grinder [not the little 1/2 cup size I got seven of at our wedding] it 
takes about a pint of beans - or wheat et al - I haven't tried rice yet - but I 
think that might be a better bet for you [the small one will work - just takes 
a long time to get four cups for a recipe]  If the meat grinder works let us 
know!!  Anyone else have any experiences to share on grinding?  I'm hoping [and 
dropping casual hints] that I'll get a kitchenaid 5qt mixer for a housewarming 
gift when we move into our new house - I'm thinking of getting the grinder 
attachment for it - any thoughts!  Have a great day - Cherie