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sue@interport.net (Curly Sue)
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 10:27:13 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Irwin@prodigy.com (MR IRWIN H FRANZEL)
>Subject: Storing Yeast and Low Loaves
>Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 14:08:31, -0500

>First, let me tell you that we have reduced the price of the top of the
>line Zoji S-15A again. Call or e-mail for our e-mail catalog!

>Q. Pam asks, "Is it necessary to be quiet while the Zoji is making bread?
>My husband says "Yes!" my mother says "No!"

>On a final note, is noise likely to collapse a bread in your Zoji? My
>answer is, not very likely. The Zoji has three or four walls between the
>noise and the bread. Ovens usually have three. The advantage the Zoji has
>(and I must confess I don't know how significant this advantage may be) is
>that the bread pan is spring mounted and the springs will absorb some of
>the sound energy without transferring it to the loaf. So let's score one
>for your Mom, too.

     I agree that noise and so forth are unlikely to cause yeast dough in
the bread machine to fall.  Certainly thousands of people who use many
different brands of bread machines in active households can attest to the
fact that this is not unique to the Zoji.  As you mentioned in your next
note, over-proofing (too much liquid or yeast) are more likely to be the
cause of bread falling.

The only difference might be is if one is making a quick bread or cake,
where the structure of the batter is not as sturdy as yeast bread and noise
vibrations or sudden change in temperature could make the cake fall.  In
that case the walls of the Zoji might prove to be an advantage compared to a
conventional oven.

    One thing that should also be mentioned is that it is OK to open the lid
of the machine anytime during the process, even baking.  Not that I
recommend that anyone opens it every 5 minutes but opening the lid will not
be the cause of a disaster.  My Toastmaster has a window, but sometimes I
open the window and give the dough a friendly Dough Boy poke and it hasn't
fallen yet.

    With regard to the use of ascorbic acid and other dough conditioners-
many people don't realize that several commercial brands of bread flour
already contain ascorbic acid!  Pillsbury and Gold Medal bread flours have
it, but I don't think King Arthur and Hechter's do.

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