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RE: To Proof or Not To Proof

MilesManor <qoe@sna.com>
Sun, 21 Jul 1996 11:19:02 -0700 (PDT)
>I just started using the Red Star Instant Active Dry Yeast that is sold in
bulk at >Sam's Club. The directions say to NOT dissolve this yeast in
liquid, but to only add it >to the other dry ingredients. I've always
proofed my yeast with warm water and a little >sugar and would prefer to
continue this. I like the smell and find it reassuring to see >the yeast get
right to work.  I'd appreciate the opinion of others who use this type of 

Hi Phil and All,

I wonder about this too.  Ever since I started to use my bread machine I
haven't proofed the Red Star yeast.  I must say that over the last 5 years
the number of failed loaves I can attribute to a yeast problem I could count
on one hand.  Yet when I get that failed loaf at the wrong time (morning
time-no bread for breakfast, no bread for lunches) I kick myself for not
proofing.  I think if using a bread machine it could be proofed if you were
going to turn it on right away (may also want to adjust liquid to account
for proofing liquid).  If the bread machine were going to be put on the
timer proofing would not work.  When I make the bread by hand I always proof
the yeast.  I don't want any elbow grease to go to waste.:-)

I have another question on this subject I'd like to hear your responses on I
was wondering if yeast can become slow?  I had a loaf of bread in the bread
machine and I needed that loaf for a dinner party.  I peeked in the window
near the end of the second rise and there was a small ball in the bottom of
the pan.  I thought, "No not now!"  I took the loaf out and it was slightly
puffy, so I warmed the oven slightly threw it in a loaf pan to rise a little
longer.  After I did that I proofed the yeast to see if I was wasting my
time and the yeast was vital.  In the warm oven it was ready to bake in 45
minutes.  I wondered why did it take so long to rise this time and I haven't
used that bottle of yeast since in fear of another incident.  Any thoughts
anyone?  Should I just chuck the yeast or was it a one time deal?  What made
it so slow?
|\/\/\/\/\/| Lynne Miles
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