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More About Freezing Yeast

bob.stedfeld@pcohio.com (Bob Stedfeld)
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 16:04:00 -0500
I hate to argue with an expert, but it seems to me that the procedure
that Irwin H. Franzel advocates for storing yeast in the freezer
(quoted below from bread-bakers.v096.n025.18) is overly fussy.

The thought behind his recommendations is absolutely right -- yeast
should be kept dry.  But in 20 years of hand and machine baking I
haven't had a bit of trouble storing 12 oz to 1 lb of dry bulk co-op
yeast in the freezer for periods of 6 to 9 months and using it
directly out of the freezer container.

The container must be airtight, it shouldn't be kept open any longer
than absolutely necessary, and the measuring spoons must be dry.
Usually, I start the yeast in warm (110 F) water with a bit of sugar
to proof it, although even this isn't always necessary.

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>Yeast is damaged by water and moistue. The following procedures are
>designed to keep yeast dry.
> 1. Select two air tight jars, one about four ounces and the other,
>one quart.
> 2. Be sure the jars are absolutely dry!
> 3. In a dry location, open the package of yeast and fill the small
>jar for storage in the refrigerator for frequent use.
> 4. Pour the remainder of the yeast into the large jar for storage in
>the freezer.
> 5. To use yeast from the refrigerator jar: open the jar, pour out
>the required amount of yeast, cover the jar and return it to the
>refrigerator as quickly as possible. Avoid dipping measuring spoons
>into the yeast; they may carry moisture.
> 6. To refill the refrigerator jar: remove the freezer jar and allow
>it to come to room temperature before opening. Notice that moisture
>will condense on the outside of the container. (If the jar were opened
>when it was frozen, moisture would condense into the yeast.) Dry the
>jar thoroughly. Open it when at room temperature and pour some yeast
>into the refrigerator jar. Tightly close both containers and return
>them to their storage locations.

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