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Thu, 25 Jul 1996 17:22:43 -0400
Marvin Moskowitz, who is lactose intolerant, asked about what to use in bread
machines. Marvin you can use powdered soy and rice dream.

Sheri McRae and someone else she had answered,wrote about small Panasonic
bread machines. They sound like 1 pound bread machines. If your machine uses
2 cups of flour it is a 1 pound machine. You can look for 1 pound bread
machine recipes. Please email me for more information on 1 pound recipes.

LG Moyer asked about potato breads and rolls. You cannot substitute potato
flakes for flour in recipes. You probably can find potato flour at King
Arthur 1-800-827-6088  Have seen it at health food stores too.

Michael Block has semolina flour on the shelf that is a year old.  My advice
is to get some new flour. By the way a great reference for questions like
this is the book, Keeping Food Fresh by Janet Bailey.

Name change notice. For recipes and general bread machine questions I have a
new name at AOL. It is Loiscon1@aol.com
For those of you on AOL we have a regularly scheduled bread chat every
Tuesday at 10PM Eastern in the Cooking Chat Room of the Cooking Club. This
chat includes bread machine and regular bread recipes.

Lois Conway, co-author with Linda Rehberg, Bread Machine 
Magic and The Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints, St. Martin's Press.