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Help with Bread Mixer

"Robert Bursey" <rbursey@arrowsmith.net>
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 21:43:29 -0800
My bread machine broke the other day. So I dusted off this thing. It's 
like an egg beater, only you can use "dough hooks". These are helical 
(pig tail) in shape. The (cylindrical) bowl spins around as the dough 
hooks turn, mixing and kneading the dough. I guess. I've only ever used 
ABM's before. I've noticed a lot of differences, and since I can't find 
the manual, have no way of knowing what's normal and what's not. Maybe 
you can tell me

(1) The dough never does form a smooth ball as it does on the ABM. Is 
this the way they're supposed to work?

(2) There are 3 speeds. I use the slowest, since I figure this will 
provide the best kneading. But as the dough gets thicker, the bowl and 
the dough hooks start to slow down. The motor sounds like it is being 
overloaded. I can switch to a higher speed, but is this the right thing 
to do?

(3) I don't know how long to mix, nor can I tell when the dough is mixed 
(and/or kneaded) by looking. Any hints?


Robert Bursey